Electronic Monitoring

Reducing Risk and Enhancing Accountability

With California Senate Bill 10, pretrial service officers will manage larger caseloads released to community supervision. Judges and agencies must assess community risk, facilitate court appearances, and monitor defendants throughout the adjudication process. BI Incorporated supports agencies with electronic monitoring systems that are effective, varied and fair alternatives to jail. We offer multiple EM systems, intuitive software platforms for officers, even mobile apps that keep defendants engaged in the court process.

Electronic Monitoring - California Senate Bill 10
Electronic Monitoring Mobile Apps - California Senate Bill 10

Mobile Apps

Our BI SmartLINK™ app, using Android or iOS smartphones, drives compliance, provides ongoing reminders that cut down FTAs, reduces the need for face-to-face meetings, and keeps a reliable electronic record of communications and commitments. Includes 7 useful modules.

Electronic Monitoring GPS Tracking - California Senate Bill 10

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking, through industry-leading systems such as BI LOC8®, provides agencies with near real-time data on the location of individuals as they move through the community. Ideal for moderate- to high-risk defendants who need additional conditions of release.

Electronic Monitoring Alcohol - California Senate Bill 10

Alcohol Monitoring

Pretrial defendants are more likely to make their court dates if they remain sober. BI has several alcohol monitoring systems, including the powerful BI SL2®, a portable handheld BrAC testing device that monitors for sobriety while individuals await a court date.

RF Electronic Monitoring - California Senate Bill 10

RF Electronic Monitoring

For 40 years, BI has offered agencies reliable electronic monitoring systems ideal for monitoring curfews and other defined locations, such as work or school. These systems are cost-effective, rugged, reliable and proven.

Electronic Monitoring Software - California Senate Bill 10

Officer-Friendly Software

BI offers software that enhances the everyday efforts of supervising offers. For example, BI TotalAccess® is a web-based software system that provides a single platform for officers to conveniently access, update and manage a defendant’s data—from any device.

Electronic Monitoring Support - California Senate Bill 10

Monitoring Support

Pretrial agencies can rest assured that when they use any of BI’s monitoring products and services that they are backed by the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable call center and support team. Our EM team acts as a “staff multiplier” for agencies.

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